Chapter 1    Theorems

                Chapter 2    Theorems Contradicted

                Chapter 3    How Our Fingers Naturally Work

                Chapter 4    The Movements and Muscles of Fingers II-V

                                            The Muscles of the Wrist and Hand

                                            Movements of the Hand





                                            Related Movements of the Hand

                                            Questions and Answers

                Chapter 5    Circular Movement of the Wrist

                Chapter 6    The Movements and Muscles of the Thumb

                                            The Uniqueness of the Thumb

                                            The Movements of the Thumb

                                            Related Movements of the Thumb

                                            The Passing of the Thumb

                Chapter 7    Piano Technique and Synchronization

                Chapter 8    The "Least Accessible" Fingers of the Hand

                Chapter 9    How Undeveloped Fingers Affect Your Playing

                Chapter 10   Large Hands Versus Small Hands

                                             Hand Sizes

                Chapter 11   The "Natural Technique" Riddle

                Chapter 12   Testing the Strength of Your Fingers

                                             Testing the Thumb

                                             Testing the Index Finger

                                             Testing the Middle Finger

                                             Testing the Fourth Finger

                                             Testing the Fifth Finger

                Chapter 13   Relaxation at the Piano

                                             Playing Two or More Notes with One Hand

                Chapter 14   The Use of the Wrist in Playing Single Notes

                Chapter 15   The Use of the Wrist in Playing Octaves

                                             Testing the Wrist

                Chapter 16   Practice Methods That Optimize Your Time

                Chapter 17   Memorization

                Chapter 18   Practicing at the Frustration Level

                Chapter 19   Avoiding Injury

                                             Focal Dystonia

                                             Overuse/Misuse Injury



                                             The Importance of Water

                                             The Position of the Elbow

                                             Further Suggestions for Avoiding Injury at the Piano

                Chapter 20   Building Extensor Muscles away from the Piano

                                             Muscle Fibre Types

                                             Exercise 1:  Extending All of Your Fingers

                                             Exercise 2:  Extending Your Thumbs

                                             Exercise 3:  Extending Your Wrists

                Chapter 21   Exercises at the Piano


                Anatomical Drawings

                                             Plate 1:  Flexors of Digits - Part 1

                                             Plate 2:  Flexors of Digits - Part 2

                                             Plate 3:  Flexor and Extensor Tendons of the Fingers

                                             Plate 4:  Intrinsic Muscles of the Thumb

                                             Plate 5:  Bones of the Hand

                                             Plate 6:  Extensors of Wrist and Digits - Part 1

                                             Plate 7:  Extensors of Wrist and Digits - Part 2

                                             Plate 8:  Lumbrical Muscles

                                             Plate 9:  Interosseous Muscles



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