In PIANO POWER Richard Prokop combines years of piano experience, medical fact and common sense to dispel many of the common myths associated with the development of piano technique. Through clear explanations of the anatomy and mechanics of the hand, he describes logical, timesaving practice methods to improve technique while avoiding injury.

Mr. Prokop explores the essential relationships between hand and finger anatomy, function, and piano technique. It would be hard for me to imagine any pianist, or health care professional involved in the care and treatment of piano-related hand problems, not being interested in this book.

It is my professional opinion, as a physician specializing in hand and wrist problems, that the information presented in PIANO POWER is invaluable to pianists of all levels.

Paul D. Fragner, M.D.
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Hand and Wrist Specialist
Westchester Bone & Joint Associates
White Plains, New York

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